Brief Introduction of CLI

   Prior to founding Company Law Institute of India, A.N. Aiyar was an associate editor of Indian Cases, India’s premier law reports from 1926, and rose to become its Chief Editor.

In 1931 A.N. Aiyar launched a fortnightly report dedicated to Company Law, Banking and Insurance called Company Cases (CC) which gives CLI its name and soon became the most referred to journal of its class. CC is continually expanding its scope to cover new branches of law, such as, arbitration, debt recovery, foreign exchange law and intellectual property, so far as they impact companies and directors.

In 1933 A.N. Aiyar stepped down as editor of Indian Cases and launched the Income Tax Reports (ITR) to serve the cause of tax administrators, taxpayers, lawyers and chartered accountants in the field of direct tax law. A few years after that Indian Cases wound up — perhaps a testimony to A.N. Aiyar’s contribution. In 1939 ITR was recognized by the Income Tax Department as its authorized journal and has ever since earned the reputation of being the most authentic, accurate, lucid and the most easily accessible source of law reports of High Court judgments and select Appellate Tribunal orders

DATABASE – Access to Collection of Case Reports/Statutes/Articles consolidated from the year 1931 as a result of our long standing experience in this field. Apart from the journal & other publications, we have all the data accessible online either through a website or using our software which can be installed as a stand alone.

ITR –  From 1933 till date.
ITR (Trib) – From 2010 till date (earlier cases before 2010 is covered in ITR as Appellate Tribunal Orders from 1992 to 2009)

CC – From 1931 till date.

GSTR – From 2010 till date.

VAT and Service Tax Cases – From 2005 to 2017.

Sales Tax Cases – From 1950 to 2006.

EDITORIAL TEAM : CLI is well-known for the quality of its content. Our well experienced, qualified editorial team with adept knowledge, do an in-depth study of the case and generate its report. Our case reports are accepted as submissions for references. 

PUBLISHING : CLI has its own publishing unit for all the journals and publications. All the case reports in journals and publications are meticulously prepared and ensured to not have any errors in its content.


SOFTWARE SUITE : TLOL Suite Desktop has all the data (SC/HC Case Reports, Notifications, Circulars, Acts/Rules/Schedules & Articles) that are accessible even without a network connection as the data are secured in the local drive (With weekly live updates using an internet connection)

WEB-ACCESS : CLI’s website “” displays all the data which will be updated regularly. The website can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

MOBILE APP : CLI’s mobile app is an integrated application which again displays all the data similar to our website.